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Ecological Land Classification Assessments

Our ecological land classification surveys and vegetation community assessments provide invaluable insights into the ecological characteristics and dynamics of land areas. At Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc., we recognize the significance of understanding the intricate relationships between vegetation, habitats, and ecosystems to inform land management decisions and conservation efforts.

Our team of ecologists and environmental scientists employs a comprehensive approach to conduct ecological land classification surveys and vegetation and wetland community assessments. By combining field observations, data collection, and analysis, we generate detailed information about the vegetation composition, structure, and ecological functions of specific areas.

Key Features

Field Surveys and Data Collection: Our experienced team conducts thorough field surveys, gathering data on vegetation species, cover, height, and distribution. We utilize standardized sampling techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate and reliable data collection.

Vegetation Mapping and Classification: We create detailed vegetation maps that depict the spatial distribution and composition of different vegetation communities within a given area. Our classification systems consider ecological attributes such as plant species composition, successional stages, and habitat characteristics.

Ecological Land Classification: We assess the broader ecological characteristics of the land, including soil types, topography, hydrology, and microclimates. By integrating these factors with vegetation data, we generate comprehensive ecological land classifications that provide a holistic understanding of the landscape.

Habitat Suitability and Conservation: Our assessments help determine the suitability of habitats for specific plant and animal species. We identify critical habitats and evaluate their condition, connectivity, and potential conservation value. This information assists in prioritizing conservation efforts and implementing effective habitat management strategies.

Ecological Monitoring and Change Detection: We establish long-term monitoring programs to track changes in vegetation communities and ecological conditions over time. By comparing current data with baseline surveys, we can detect shifts, identify threats, and evaluate the effectiveness of land management practices and restoration efforts.

Environmental Impact Assessments: Our expertise in ecological land classification and vegetation assessments is crucial for conducting thorough environmental impact assessments. We analyze potential impacts on vegetation communities, recommend mitigation measures, and propose strategies to minimize ecological disturbances.

Collaboration and Reporting: We collaborate closely with clients, landowners, and relevant stakeholders to ensure that our findings align with project objectives and land management goals. Our reports are comprehensive, providing detailed information, maps, and recommendations for sustainable land use and conservation practices.


By utilizing ecological land classification surveys and vegetation community assessments, we contribute to informed decision-making processes in land management, conservation planning, and restoration initiatives. Our goal is to support sustainable practices, protect biodiversity, and promote the resilience of ecosystems.

If you require assistance in assessing vegetation and wetland communities, understanding ecological land characteristics, or conducting environmental impact assessments, Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. (SECI) is here to help. Together, we can enhance our understanding of the natural world and work towards a harmonious coexistence between human activities and the environment.

Rare Plant

Our rare plant survey services are designed to identify and assess the presence of endangered and rare plant species in specific ecosystems. At Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc., we understand the importance of preserving and protecting these unique plant species, which often play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem balance.

Our team of experienced botanists and ecologists conducts thorough surveys using scientifically rigorous methodologies to identify and document rare plant populations. We employ a combination of field surveys, data collection, and analysis to provide accurate and comprehensive information about the distribution, abundance, and health of these plants.

Key Features

Expertise and Knowledge: Our team comprises highly trained professionals with extensive knowledge of plant taxonomy, ecology, and conservation. They possess the expertise to identify rare and endangered plant species, even in challenging environments.

Site Assessments: We conduct site assessments to determine the suitability of habitats for rare plant species. By analyzing factors such as soil conditions, hydrology, and microclimates, we provide valuable insights into the ecological requirements and preferences of these plants.

Population Monitoring: We establish long-term monitoring programs to track the population dynamics of rare plant species. This allows us to detect changes over time, assess the effectiveness of conservation efforts, and provide recommendations for management and protection.

Habitat Restoration: In cases where rare plant populations are threatened or degraded, we offer habitat restoration services. Our experts develop restoration plans that aim to recreate or enhance suitable habitats, thereby increasing the chances of rare plant survival and recovery.

Compliance with Regulations: We ensure that our rare plant surveys comply with local, state, and federal regulations. Our team stays updated on relevant laws and guidelines to ensure the surveys adhere to all necessary permits and environmental compliance requirements.

Collaboration and Reporting: We collaborate with various stakeholders, including government agencies, landowners, and conservation organizations, to share our findings and contribute to conservation efforts. Our reports are comprehensive, incorporating detailed data, mapping, and recommendations for rare plant protection and management.

By conducting rare plant surveys, we help our clients make informed decisions regarding land use planning, development projects, and conservation initiatives. We are committed to conserving these valuable plant species, contributing to the preservation of biodiversity, and ensuring a sustainable future for our ecosystems.

If you require assistance in identifying and assessing rare plant populations or need guidance on conservation and management strategies, Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. is your trusted partner. Together, we can work towards safeguarding these remarkable plants and their habitats for generations to come.

Wetland Services

At Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc., we specialize in a comprehensive range of professional wetland services, leveraging our expertise to ensure the preservation, restoration, and sustainable management of these critical ecosystems. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering tailored solutions that align with regulatory requirements and environmental best practices. We are well versed in all applicable requirements under Alberta’s Water Act.

Wetland Delineation and Mapping: Our skilled professionals conduct thorough wetland delineation (desktop and field), mapping and classification services to accurately identify and define the boundaries of wetland areas. This essential step ensures proper land-use planning and compliance with environmental regulations. We assess wetland functions and values using provincial protocols (e.g. Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool – Actual (ABWRET-A)), identify potential impacts and risks associated with proposed projects, conduct permanence assessments, public lands review, write Wetland Assessment Impact Reports (WAIRs), fill Wetland Assessment Impact Forms (WAIFs) and submission of wetland replacement proposals to regulatory bodies on behalf of clients.

GIS Mapping and Data Analysis: We utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for accurate mapping. Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. analyses spatial data to inform wetland management decisions and create visual representations for effective communication.

Wetland Mitigation and Restoration: Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. is dedicated to restoring and enhancing degraded wetland ecosystems. Our team develops customized mitigation plans, restoration plans and planting prescriptions to improve biodiversity, water quality, and overall ecosystem function, thereby promoting the resilience of these critical habitats. We employ innovative techniques to rehabilitate degraded wetland areas.

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the complex regulatory landscape surrounding wetlands permitting can be challenging. Our team provides guidance and assists clients in preparing and submitting permit applications. We ensure compliance with municipal, provincial, and federal regulations throughout the project lifecycle.

Hydrological Assessments: We perform comprehensive hydrological assessments to understand factors affecting wetland hydrology within project sites and managing water flow patterns and hydrological regimes within wetland areas. This information is crucial for maintaining proper hydrological conditions that support diverse flora and fauna. We also develop strategies for sustainable water management in wetland areas.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs): Our experts conduct EIAs to evaluate the potential impact of development projects on wetland ecosystems. We provide valuable insights to guide sustainable development practices, ensuring minimal or no loss to wetland habitiats.

Wetland Monitoring and Management: Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. offers ongoing monitoring services to assess the health and functionality of wetland ecosystems. We conduct regular assessments to track changes in wetland conditions and develop management plans to address issues such as vegetation establishment, invasive species and other threats ensuring the long-term viability of wetland areas.

Community Engagement and Educational Outreach and Training: We are committed to raising awareness about the importance of wetland ecosystems. Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. engages communities in wetland conservation and restoration efforts, provide educational outreach programs and training sessions to empower communities and stakeholders with the knowledge needed for sustainable wetland management.

Expert Testimony: Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. provide expert testimony in legal proceedings related to wetland issues. We assist clients with expert opinions for regulatory hearings and draw on our team’s expertise to support clients in resolving wetland-related challenges.

Choose Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. for comprehensive wetland services that prioritize environmental conservation, sustainable development, and the well-being of our habitats. Together, let’s safeguard the invaluable services that wetlands provide to our ecosystems and communities.

Habitat Restoration Services

Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc., is your trusted partner in habitat restoration. Our dedicated team is dedicated to rejuvenating and preserving ecosystems for traditional land use, species at risk and a sustainable future. Our expert team employs innovative strategies and comprehensive services to restore habitats to their native balance and to support biodiversity. Explore the range of habitat restoration services we offer to promote sustainable environments:

Site Assessment and Planning: Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. begins each project with a thorough site assessment to understand the current state of the habitat and identifying key ecological factors and stressors affecting the site. We then develop comprehensive restoration plans tailored to the unique ecological needs of the area incorporating traditional use knowledge.

Native Plant Installation and Vegetation Management: Our experts specialize in the strategic planting of native vegetation, promoting habitat restoration by reintroducing plant species that are crucial to local ecosystems. We also provide ongoing vegetation management services to ensure the establishment and growth of native plants.

Invasive Species Control: Invasive species pose a significant threat to native habitats. We implement effective strategies to control and eradicate invasive plants, allowing native flora and fauna to thrive and restore the natural balance of the ecosystem.

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement: Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. is committed to creating optimal conditions for wildlife. Our habitat restoration services focus on enhancing key elements, such as food sources, water availability, and shelter, to attract and sustain diverse wildlife populations.

Wetland and Riparian Restoration: We specialize in restoring wetland and riparian habitats, recognizing their vital role in supporting biodiversity and maintaining healthy ecosystems. Our restoration efforts aim to improve water quality, enhance habitat connectivity, and provide critical breeding and feeding grounds for various species.

Monitoring and Adaptive Management: Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. believes in the importance of long-term success. We provide ongoing monitoring services to assess the effectiveness of restoration efforts. Our adaptive management approach allows us to make informed adjustments to optimize habitat conditions over time.

Community Engagement and Education: Engaging the community is integral to successful habitat restoration. We conduct consultation with First Nation communities and educational initiatives to involve local communities in the restoration process, fostering a sense of environmental stewardship and collective responsibility.

Choose Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. for unparalleled expertise in habitat restoration services. Together, let’s rejuvenate and conserve our natural landscapes for current and future generations.

Third Party Reviews

Sunrise Enviro Consult Inc in Alberta has received positive reviews for their third party reviews of environmental reports and applications. Clients have praised the company’s attention to detail and thoroughness in their assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Does Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. Offer?

Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. specializes in ecological assessments, including ecological land classification, vegetation surveys, wetland assessment, rare plant assessment, habitat restoration and third party reviews. We also provide environmental impact assessments, habitat suitability studies, and conservation planning services.

Where is Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. located?
Our headquarters is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. However, we serve clients across the country and beyond, offering our expertise in environmental consultancy.
How does Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. contribute to sustainability?
At Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc., we are committed to promoting sustainable land management practices and biodiversity conservation. Through our services and expertise, we help clients make informed decisions that respect and preserve the balance of ecosystems.
What sets us apart from other environmental consulting firms?

Our team of seasoned ecologists, environmental scientists, and botanists brings a
wealth of expertise to every project. We are dedicated to continuous learning and
staying abreast of the latest regulation, research and technological advancements,
ensuring our clients receive the highest quality service and innovative solutions.

How do we engage with Indigenous Peoples and local communities?
Sunrise Enviro Consulting Inc. acknowledges and respects the histories, languages, and cultures of Indigenous Peoples and local communities. We prioritize meaningful engagement and collaboration, seeking to incorporate traditional knowledge and perspectives into our work for more holistic and sustainable outcomes.